Photography Workshops

La Maison de Campagne is collaborating with SR Film Photography to host Photography Workshops in Skye!

SR FILM PHOTOGRAPHY exists to promote creativity and experimentation within your photography.

My workshops are predominately geared towards analogue photographers, or those of you who want to try shooting film.  Regardless, the principles governing photography remain constant, whether shooting digital or film. Many digital photographers also benefit from these workshops—the more the merrier!

Located in Uig, in the Isle of Skye, we will travel to a selection of beautiful places where we can stop, slow everything down, and make photographs.

If you are staying for more than one day, hopefully you will choose to stay at our well-equipped and comfortable self-catering apartment ‘La Maison de Campagne‘ — we will have a fully functioning darkroom and printing studio on site!

For booking information please visit:


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